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When this hotel opened, a feng shui fountain was placed outside to keep the money flowing in. It’s obviously working because this award-winning hotel has had no problems attracting visitors with enough cash to enjoy its Michelin-starred restaurants, spectacular views and general aura of monied exclusivity.

The hotel manages the feat of being right in the heart of the city but slightly removed from its chaos. It has its own entrance to the International Finance Centre (IFC) mall, which links, by walkway, to the Central Ferry Piers, Central Business District, Central-Mid-Levels escalator and Macau ferry terminal. It’s also above the Airport Express and Central MTR station.

Style & character

Dazzling – quite literally. The huge glass lobby is the antithesis of the more hushed, dark-wooded luxury hotels in, say, Europe. Light from the harbour’s reflection is a feature in all the restaurants. There’s a constant sense of water, and not just from the fountain – the hotel has a superb infinity pool with underwater music, and a great spa. The echoing space means the lobby can be a bit clattery at busy times.


Hong Kong, Central, Finance St, 8號
Hong Komg

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